Shih-Poo Puppies & Poma-Poo Puppies for Sale

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Sherry's Precious Puppies, is Expecting a Shih-Poo Puppy Litter around February 14th! 

Call Sherry (330) 636-6286 to Reserve your Priority Pick of the Litter!!


Last Available Poma-Poo Puppy for Sale!

For more information, including the adoption cost - (330) 636-6286


Chocolate and White Male Poma-Poo Puppy for Sale

Chocolate and White Pomapoo Puppy for Sale

Chocolate and White Male Poma-Poo Puppy for Sale



Want to be a Sherry's Precious Shih-Poo or Poma-Poo Puppy Owner?

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Sherry's Shih Poos is Expecting a Litter of Precious Shih Poos late January!! 

Call Now to Inquire & to Reserve your Pick of the Litter

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As of June 2008, 6 Years Ago...

Makaiah was Blessed with Our 1st Litter of Shih Poo Pups!

Wow! How true the saying is...

"That, Time Flies by when you are having Fun!"


Each Day holds a New and Exciting Surprise!

Ok, maybe 4, 5 or even 7 Surprises lol 

What kind of Trouble could 7 Little Puppies Truly Cause?


Apart from finding ALL of them Loving & Caring Families,

it has been Truly a Blessing to have made so many Life Long Friends!



Sherry's Precious Puppies in Medina, Ohio...Prides itself on being an "Honest, Reputable and State Licensed Dog Breeder"


Two Specific Standards Seperate Us from 99% of All Other Breeders -

1. Sherry's Shih-Poos & Poma-Poos ONLY has 1 Litter at a time. This allows us to provide true, quality 1-on-1 attention and socialization that is completely unlike that of other Breeders that have countless Litters / Puppies and are simply incapable of providing!

2. Sherry's Precious Puppies strictly Breeds and Raises AKC Shih Tzu Females with AKC Toy Poodle Males for Our Shih-Poo Puppies and AKC Pomeranian Females with AKC Toy Poodles for Our Poma-Poos. Over the past 6 years, we have been able to provide Families with exceptional puppies that are not just pets...but are truly considered "Family Members". While on the other hand, you will find that the Vast Majority of other Breeders, simply are trying to produce and sell as many different Breeds that they make as much money as possible!


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Shih Tzu Poodle (Shih-Poo) Puppies for Sale in Ohio 


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