Does it really make a difference where you get your puppy?


Is it worth the effort to find a “responsible breeder”?


YES, absolutely, to both of those questions.



  • Will always choose healthy parents to breed.
  • Will breed based on producing puppies with good genetics, good health and good temperament.
  • Will be registered with the state.
  • Will be there to inform you on proper puppy care.
  • Will try to the best of their ability to answer your questions.
  • Will provide all necessary Vet care, vaccinations and health check-ups for their litters.
  • Will often have a waiting list for their puppies in advance.
  • Will match and place each puppy personally with each person/family, not through a 3rd party.
  • Will pamper each pup with lots of love and quality attention daily.

Genetics play a huge roll in a dog’s temperament, as do the various experiences during the first several weeks of life. Socialization is very important for your puppies. Choosing a puppy from a “responsible breeder” is not only a socially responsible thing to do, but also is the best way to find “your best friend” – a healthy puppy who grows into a healthy and happy dog.


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