Female Black & White Parti, AKC Registered Shih Tzu - Halena   Female Black & White Parti, AKC Registered Shih Tzu - Halena




Halena means, "Heavenly in Hawaiian.


Halena is a beautifully marked, 2 year old Parti-colored, AKC Shih Tzu. Her black and white coat is very silky soft and full. She has big gorgeous eyes that we say are her sexy “Betty Davis” eyes. Whenever she looks at us, she always melts our hearts.
Halena has the sweetest temperament ever! She is extremely easy-going, laid-back and she has very sensitive feelings. She loves to play with my other dogs and allows them to jump and play on her. After playtime, Halena takes a well deserved nap. Her favorite position is on her back on a cool, cotton sheet. Queen for a lifetime!
Halena is famous for her special, loving kisses! She gives us (or anyone) over 100 kisses, on and on and on, before we can blink twice. This is how my husband and I wake up each morning – to lots and lots of sweet doggie kisses! She starts our day by making both of us laugh and smile. We are POSITIVE she has the CLEANEST Shih Poo pups ever!
Halena is very intelligent and loves her routines. Every evening at 7:45 to 8:00 PM, she quietly barks at my husband. She wants to go to bed to relax, chew on her favorite DINGO bone, and cuddle with my husband while he watches TV. She snuggles next to him and falls asleep, on her back of course. What a wonderful doggie life, huh?!
Our Beautiful Shih Tzu Halena TRULY IS A GIFT FROM "HEAVEN"!!