Makaiah at 9 Weeks Old (pictured above)



Makaiah (MA KI YA)


Makaiah’s name means, “Pretty Girl by the Sea” in Hawaiian.


Makaiah has a big brother! His name is "Kimo", named after a Very Popular Restraunt in Hawaii...on the island of Maui! Kimo is Very Curly and Loves meeting and greeting every one who comes to the house! Kimo is strictly our Home, Pet Shih Poo. They both grew up together from the first day Makaiah was brought home and they both have a "ball" playing together.

Makaiah is very uniquely marked and absolutely beautiful! She is a bright white with long, wavy black ears, and a patch of black over her right eye! Makaiah’s coat is extremely soft, fluffy and even wavy.
As a young pup, Makaiah was the cutest, sweetest, black and white pup EVER! She had the largest most stunning, great big eyes! She became very playful, clever and picked up on numerous training/tricks due to being extremely smart.
As Makaiah continue to grow, it became extremely obvious that she was able to quickly learn basic all the way to very advanced commands and was always wanting to please us. To assist and expand on Makaiah's ever growing intelligence, we thought it would be beneficial to enroll her into various “puppy obedience classes”! Makaiah first started off with a small, group class held at our local Pet Smart. She was just four months of age at that time and simply sailed through with amazing results! It was awesome to see that not only did Makaiah love and want to learn new things...but she was exceptional at doing it!
It was then that We were so blessed to have found a new trainer named Bonnie at “The Canine College”. Here they specialized in one-on-one canine training. Bonnie truly believed after just a couple of sessions with Makaiah, Bonnie believed that there was no limit to what Makaiah could learn only if we made it a priority to work with her on our own along with enrolling her into their "doggy daycare" program! So, Makaiah began her new training program which consisted of (2) 30 minute one-on-one training sessions per day...3 days a week. After just 3 months, Makaiah graduated with honors and was awarded multiple Certificates!
Makaiah true love is to play with her "ball". Even just the mention of the word ball, turns Makaiah into an excited, playful 6 month old puppy. Along with fetch, Makaiah even created a few of her own fun, doggy games involving her ball. One in paticular is whenever she is playing with a ball; she will hide it under her blanket all on her own and then will play “hide ‘n seek” with it. We get this biggest laugh and kick out of watching her play this game. It is just so much fun to watch.
Lastly, Makaiah LOVES kisses! She will sit on your lap and not move a muscle all while she raises her head straight up, telling us to kiss her face and neck area over and over. She honestly will stay in this position FOREVER – just aS long as you keep the kisses coming.
Makaiah is our very special, loving dog with a wonderful disposition. She is such a devoted “Mommy” and the JOY of our lives!