The best place to bathe your new Shih Poo puppy for the first time in your home is in the kitchen sink. Place a rubber sink mat or towel before filling the sink with warm water. Use your wrist to check the temperature of the water prior to setting your puppy in it. You will need dog shampoo, 2 dry towels, cotton balls, a floating toy/duck and a treat.


Always brush your puppy first with a soft brush before bathing. Regular brushing removes loose hair, eliminates tangles and helps to distribute the pup’s skin oil. Always use a soft brush because the puppy’s skin is sensitive. Be gentle; take your time to allow your puppy to enjoy the brushing. Always brush in the direction the hair is growing.


You will need to give your puppy a bath around every 2 weeks or there about. This will prevent doggy odors. Only use a shampoo that is specific for dogs to prevent the skin from over drying which could lead to severe itching. Always dry your puppy thoroughly after his/her bath. Pups need to be kept warm and can easily get chilled and catch a cold when left wet.


Clean your Shih Poo puppy’s eye area regularly. Use a warm washcloth all around the eye area. Wash from the corner of the eye in a downward motion. Twice a week use a saline solution with cotton balls. Always check your puppy’s eyes for dirt or hair. Trim any hairs around the eyes carefully with blunt scissors. Remember to make your puppy’s bath time fun!


We at Sherry’s Shih Poo's highly recommend “Angel Eyes” for any staining of the eye area due to tears. However, always check with your Veterinary prior to using any type of medication.


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