PREVENTIVE dental care is the key for your Shih Poo Puppy. With proper dental care your puppy’s teeth could last a lifetime. Up to 85% of dogs in America 4 years and older have signs of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes inflammation of gums, pockets where the gums meet the teeth, receding gums, root exposure, bone and tooth loss and pain for your dog.


Bad breath can often be the first sign of tartar and plaque buildup. Poor oral health in dogs can lead to more serious health problems. A dog with periodontal disease has millions of bacterial in its mouth. This bacterium can get into the dog’s blood stream and then cause infections and organ damage to the liver, kidney and heart.


It is much easier to PREVENT periodontal disease in your Shih Poo puppy than to treat it!


Ways to prevent this disease:

  • Always feed your puppy dry dog food.
  • Give healthy treats such as raw carrots and cooked, unsalted green beans.
  • Give a variety of chew bones and toys.
  • Encourage your puppy to chew on doggy ropes with fringe.
  • BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH gently but OFTEN!

Annual professional dental exams and cleaning are often necessary, but the day-to-day care of your Shih Poo’s teeth is UP TO YOU!


First, before trying to brush your puppy’s teeth, handle its face and mouth often each day until he/she will allow you to look at their teeth without protesting. Praise him/her as you do this process daily.


Next, dip your finger in a little warm chicken broth and gently rub it over your puppy’s teeth. Then try it with a broth moistened gauze pad. Praise your puppy as you do this!


When your Shih Poo puppy accepts the pad, dip a canine finger style tooth brush in the chicken broth and gently brush a few of his/her teeth. Praise your puppy again!


Finally, add canine toothpaste, NEVER human toothpaste, and brush gently paying close attention to the gum line of each tooth. Brush a few teeth at a time and then allow your Shih Poo puppy to rest.


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