Spaying is for female Shih Poos and neutering is for male Shih Poos. These surgical procedures prevent dogs from procreating and adding to the over-population of unwanted dogs. The general recommended time for spaying and neutering puppies is before six months of age.


There are medical reasons “to fix” your Shih Poo puppy also. For example, female Shih Poos spayed before six months and their “first heat cycle” has a significantly reduced chance of mammary (breast) cancer later in life. This cancer is not unusual in older dogs and is often life-threatening. An ovariohysterectomy  prevents ovarian cancer in female dogs.

In male Shih Poos, neutering (castration) prevents the risk of testicular and epididymal cancer and helps relieve many prostate problems.


Please make an appointment with your Vet and discuss this surgical procedure of neutering your Shih Poo puppy soon. Spaying and neutering is the BEST DECISION for your Shih Poo dog, your family, and the entire canine race.


*Spaying and neutering is usually covered by a large majority of canine insurance policies.